Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bent Nail Ring

I haven't done much of late mainly due to it being summer. For me, winter is the time to do crafty things.

I recently mended a bracelet for a friend's wife and that got me thinking about making some more items. I had an idea to make a ring from a bent nail, a quick search on the interweb found that various people make them so it's hardly original. Picasso apparently once said "all art is theft" so here's my stolen goods.

Sterling Silver, with 925 stamp on the head of the nail.

I used a piece of scrap wire to make the nail shank but it's not quite long enough, next time I'll use a longer piece and that will enable me to bend it easier too.

I think these could also double as earrings but with a Ø3mm shank you'd need a decent sized piercing.